Why Us

There are a few choices out there. So why Authentically?

Here at Authentically, we have one goal in mind. To help you grow your Instagram audience as quickly and as effectively as possible. Our goal is to help each one of our clients build a living through Instagram.


What we do different


We’ve been in this business long enough to know we’ve got a few competitors. So here’s why we believe we’re the best solution for our customers and you.



We said it a year ago, and we’re still saying it today. Instagram is changing their algorithm consistently so as a safety measure, every single day we test activity levels to ensure all of our clients are gaining the most growth while sitting at the safest level of activity.

We’ve had over 10,000 customers go through our doors and to date we haven’t had a single ban that was due to our software.

We manually look into our clients daily, and we use the insights of each account to ensure that your account is safely growing in the most effective way possible.

We treat your Instagram as if it was our own and we do everything to ensure you are growing in the most sustainable way possible.



Our client’s reputation is a massive point of consideration for us. Some of you have spent years building up a personal brand and a reputation to maintain. We do everything in our power to completely humanize the activity, so not even your best friend will be able to pick up that you are using such a kick-ass tool.


Payment Safety

With an overly generous refund policy and a payment processor that has the highest level of security compliance, we spare no expense to ensure that your sign-up process is as secure as possible. We use the same payment processor as Spotify, Microsoft, eBay & Uber.


Limited Access

Since we put so much work into each client, we only accept 5,000 clients at anyone one point. This is to ensure we’re not helping too many competing accounts in respective countries and it also massively reduces the risk that our competitors face.

On top of this, we have dedicated proxies to each client, so from Instagram’s point of view, they only see one or two accounts per address. This emulates the typical household.

On the other hand, we find some competitors use the same address for all of their clients. This becomes a massive red flag for Instagram. No household has 100+ Instagram users in it!



We have a team around the world to ensure the fastest and best response times. We also pay our support team almost double the market average in each country to ensure we’re hiring the best talent in the country, so your support requests are in the best hands possible.

Our support team is in the USA, Portugal, United Kingdom, Philippines, and New Zealand.

This means round the clock monitoring, optimization, and support!


100% Dedicated Account Managers

Each Instagram profile is different, so we need to tweak each new account’s settings to maximize the performance. A basic example is if you’re a new account, we reduce the activity levels to ensure safety.

The Account Managers who manage the accounts have spent over 2,000 hours each testing, optimizing and ensuring that each account is getting the best results while staying as secure as possible.

We personally and manually manage every account and make changes almost daily to each individual account to ensure you’re account is getting the best results possible.

This is why we don’t have a dashboard or allow you to change the settings yourself. We’ve seen company after company fall under the sheer number of client bans. We’re more than happy to have a few upset people who can’t update the settings themselves and ensure we have the highest level of results and security possible 😀


Feature: Focus

We have one of the highest client growth rates in the industry because we have invested so much into our technology to ensure that we’re following and engaging with the right people. This means that the majority of people that follow you back are the exact people that you want to engage with.


Feature: Your Instagram Stays The Same

When we follow a new profile on your behalf, we mute their account. That means your Instagram feed doesn’t change and your account keeps growing. We’ve all seen services that when used for a few days, your Instagram feed become unusable. Muting the new accounts we follow means you can use Instagram like normal. And if you decide to follow someone yourself, they aren’t muted! #gamechanger