How It Works

Want to find out everything you need to know about Authentically? You’ve come to the right place.

What We Do & Why

Here at Authentically, we have one goal in mind. To help you grow your Instagram audience as quickly and as effectively as possible. Our goal is to help each one of our clients to get 100,000+ followers and earn enough so you can live the life you want. For some, this might be $30,000 a year. For others, this may be $100,000+ a year.

With Authentically we help you achieve this in a few ways. First is through education. We’re gathering the best tips from the largest influencers around the world to share their tips on growing accounts, monetization and more. With our software, we help you amplify your account and give more people the chance to follow you back. And finally, we’re about to launch a platform that connects influencers like yourself to brands to help you create long-lasting relationships that help you create a solid stream of income.

An important distinction here is that we help you in every way we can, however at the end of the day, if you’re producing content that isn’t engaging, you’re not going to get the most out of our platform. So listen, learn, and apply, and if you’re putting out great content, our goal is to help you grow.

What happens after signing up?

After you sign up, we ask a few questions from you:

– What are 5 competitors and 5 complimentary accounts to yours

– What locations would you like to target

– Would you like to both follow and like users, or just like users?

We then manually enter all the details and get ready to grow your account.

Instagram will send you a verification text or email, and once you send that to us to verify, that’s it! We’ll be growing your account, and you can sit back, relax and watch your audience grow.

Note, you can still use your Instagram account like normal.

How are we different?

Below is a massive list of things that keep us ahead of the competition:

We only show your accounts to users that are addicted to Instagram which means after they follow you, they’ll also be commenting and liking your photos and hopefully buying what you sell!

All our tasks are manually entered and shuffled so there’s no difference to you using your Instagram or ourselves (minus the massive increase in followers we’ll deliver). This ensures that we stay within the lines of Instagram’s terms of services. Other companies usually batch tasks so they’ll follow 10 users, likes 10 photos, then unfollow 10 followers so it’s pretty for Instagram to see that they’re using a program and not adding value.

We also sit well within the daily limits of Instagram to ensure your account stays safe.

At the start of your Instagram, you begin with a trust level of 0 out of 10. Over time, you will gain trust through Instagram and can start posting more, following more, and appear more in the suggested and featured posts. Because of this, we tailor our approach to ensure that we’re doing everything within your accounts trust level.

Here is an example of our structure our daily followers limit and how we increase it over time to match your accounts trust level:

Week 1 – Daily Follow Limit

Day 1: 25 – 50 users a day

Day 2: 50 – 75 users a day

Day 3: 75 – 100 users a da

yDay 4: 100 – 150 users a day

Day 5: 150- 200 users a day

Day 6: 200 – 300 users a day

Day 7: 300 – 400 users a day

Week 2 – Daily Follow Limit

Day 1: 400 – 500 users a day

Day 2: 500 – 600 users a day

Day 3: 600 – 700 users a day

Day 4: 700 – 800 users a day

Day 5: 800 – 900 users a day

Note that every single day, we personally tweak the software to ensure you’re getting the best results while your account is as safe as possible. So we start the software slow and slowly speed it up until we’re at max capacity after 12 days.

We have done a huge amount of research and have created a massive list of blacklisted users and hashtags too so we minimise any interaction with dodgy accounts or activities.

We completely ignore private users who obviously don’t want to be followers. This ensures all of our time is spent delivering you engagement with the best users possible. We do the same with users who don’t have profile pictures (as they are usually users who don’t care about Instagram or are often bot accounts).

We also target accounts who are liking, commenting and engaging with the competitors and complementary accounts you choose which means that you will receive the most relevant followers possible that are also active, not just followers who are posting and engaging with their own content. This means an amazing quality of followers who will actually interact and enjoy the content you’re posting.

Every account is personally managed by hand to build a deep trust level, and all activities are fully tailored to your account. most accounts actually become more trusted by Instagram after signing up with Authentically.

We always unfollow 10 more people than we follow so you won’t ever have an account maxed out who followers 7,500 users (we’ve all seen these before).

We always:

Target users within certain locations,

Like photos with under 500 likes to ensure your profile stands out,

Avoid doing comments because they’re spammy and never add value,

Follow users and like their first photo so we get double engagement (and your new followers usually do the same because of this!),

Target your competitors and complementary accounts to ensure you receive the most relevant users who will actually engage with your content and potentially buy what you sell.

Keep your account on it’s own dedicated proxy to ensure it’s as safe as possible.

Don’t accept clients that don’t add value to Instagram or the community

Tips to keep your account safe yourself:

Don’t post sensitive information.

Don’t post more than 3 posts a day (unless your account is over 6 months old)

Don’t copy other people’s posts (as this is a massive indicator of spam, it’s always better to use the share function),

Because of all of the above, your Instagram account stays as safe as possible while we deliver the biggest results we can.

It’s worth repeating, we treat your Instagram like we do our own.