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Authentically is by far the best site for growing real Instagram followers. As a digital marketing agency, our social media following helps determine our legitimacy, so we don’t want fake followers who won’t engage with our content. In our first 3 days of using Authentically, we gained 400 real, organic, interactive followers who loved what we were posting.


Authentically took me from 300 followers to 16.2K followers in under 3 months. I’m now being approached by companies and brands, offering to pay me to promote their products - I would recommend Authentically to everyone.

Steven Male@steven.something

I didn’t want people to know I was automating my Instagram -Authentically was perfect for me because I could choose to like photos similar to the photos I used to engage with, and I could choose a reasonable amount to like every day so that it looked like It was still me behind the scenes!

Natalie PetersenCo founder, Coffee Inc

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